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Company Profile

Exotiq Villa Holidays is a member of the Exotiq group, which was encorporated back in 2002 on the Indonesian island of Bali. Exotiq started as a real estate sales company but the business has grown to include, rentals, property management, travel, publishing and interior design and furnishings.

From the Bali start, the company has grown with offices in Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

The Exotiq Holidays team is skilled, experienced and highly professional. Key members of our group have extensive experience in hotel and villa management, operations, sales and marketing and we pride ourselves on delivering excellence at every stage of the villa rental experience.

At Exotiq Villa Holidays we only represent quality private pool villas, many of which are operated by some of the world’s leading hospitality brands.

How to use this website

Welcome to the wonderful world of Exotiq, full of hidden treasures and unforgettable holiday experiences in the world’s most exotic destinations.

We offer a hand picked portfolio of the most unique private rental property from around the world, each one carefully chosen by our team to meet our exacting criteria.

An inordinate amount of care has been taken to provide you with every single bit of detail we could think of, and which might be of importance to you, right down to the type of pillows available!

While individual properties have their own special features, all Exotiq villas come complete with private swimming pools, tropical gardens and housekeeping services; in many cases butlers and cooks are available for in-house dining and entertainment. Look out for our highlighted ‘Luxury’ properties, which are usually found within beautiful 6 star boutique resorts, combining privacy with world-class service.

Searching for the right villa

Exotiq makes it easy for you to find your perfect vacation property.

For a quick search this website allows you to identify a villa by location, by the number of bedrooms and by price.

We also have a key word search tool so you can enter specific phrases, like ‘beach front’, to get quickly to a list of relevant choices; including a specific villa if you know its name.

Our facility lets you choose more than one option in each of the selected search criteria so you can make quick and easy comparisons, which could be across multiple destinations.

Unlike other websites, Exotiq allows you to personalize how you want your search results displayed. You can view a list of properties with a summary of key information; you can explore what appeals visually in our stunning picture gallery or you can get a birds’ eye view of your choices on an interactive Google Earth map.

Enhancing, filtering, and sorting your search

In addition to the basic criteria used to search through our portfolio you can also cherry pick those properties that match a particular interest or preference you have.

For example, if you are looking for a property with a certain view, style of architecture, or one that is suitable for you to pursue your favourite activity (like golf or cycling) you can select from our Advanced search menu and exactly what you are looking for will instantly appear.

You can even put some order into your searching by applying one of our unique filters to your result. For example, if you use our ‘proximity to the beach’ filter you will place the villas closest to the beach at the top of your search result list. There are all sorts of other innovative filters here that will make your quest for the perfect villa that much simpler.

Villa Pricing

The website displays pricing in different currencies such as US dollars, Euro and Thai Baht depending on the properties. For an indicative price quote you can also convert the entire website into a particular currency that you are more familiar with.

As currencies are constantly changing relative to each other please remember that there may be a slight difference between the website price and the actual base price quoted by the property.

Add the check-in and check-out dates to your search criteria and we will calculate the exact seasonal price for your particular stay.

Each villa has a pricing calendar so you can get an overview of the different prices available during the different season.

Many villa and resort operators like to make special offers with promotional pricing and value added services at certain times of the year. Click the ‘Packages’ to find out what is available when you wish to travel.

Brochures and Additional Information

We have created a comprehensive brochure for every property featured in this website.

Available in PDF format the brochures are packed with every single detail relating to the facilities and services available, a depth of information which is not covered in the website. You can also see a wonderful collection of photography printed in the brochure.

It’s easy to get one of our brochures, simply use the ‘brochure request’ form and we’ll send them as attached files to you in an email.

Digital Tours

The ultimate in visual presentation, our digital tours allow you to move around the property as if you were actually there in person. You will get a real life experience of being in the villa and can navigate from room to room, all from your personal computer and at the control of a mouse.

Not all of the properties have invested in a digital tour but those that have can be launched from the ‘Tour’ icon in the villa detail page.

Villa Availability

We offer you a tailored service by making personalized approaches to all of the villa owners and operators on your behalf. Old fashioned maybe, but we want to make sure that your villa hosts are fully aware of your precise needs.

This includes checking your available dates directly with the owners on a request basis and having any important questions immediately answered by the people in the know.

To give you an availability guide we have availability calendars attached to each villa in the website, and when we are aware of existing bookings we show them on the charts. However, even if your desired property is showing ‘booked’ its still worth contacting us, as things change and villa operators like to prioritize Exotiq guests so we can often jump the queue for you.

If however, your chosen property is definitely booked we will always offer you a closely matched alternative.

Booking an Exotiq Villa

Once we have checked the availability at your chosen property, you can use the booking form provided and we shall get back to you with confirmation details.

If you would prefer to speak with one our villa specialists directly then call our concierge number or just send us an email and we’ll call you back.